Eid 2016 Celebration: Mubarak Wishes, Quotes, Greetings, Images, Messages and all…

Eid is an important religious occasion celebrated by Muslims worldwide twice a year; referred as eid-ul-fitr and eid-ul-adha.

Eid-ul-Fitr denotes the end of month Ramadan (Ramzan); the Islamic blessed month of fasting and Eid-ul-Adha is celebrated to show respect for Ibrahim’s willingness to sacrifice his son for God.

It is a period to give in philanthropy to those in need, and celebrate with family and companions the finish of a month of gifts and bliss. This festival we are bringing you the best Mubarak Wishes, Quotes, Greetings, Images, Messages and more…

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Eid-ul-Fitr, also known as the Festival of Fast-Breaking is celebrated at the end of month Ramadan. The occasion commends the finish of the 29 or 30 days of first light to nightfall fasting amid the whole month of Ramadan.

The day was begun by the Islamic prophet Muhammad. It is seen on the first of the month of Shawwal toward the end of the month of Ramadan, amid which Muslims experience a time of fasting. It is unrealistic to anticipate the date of Eid-ul-Fitr as indicated by the Gregorian logbook precisely. This is on the grounds that the month of Shawwal starts, and subsequently, the month of Ramadan finishes, after an affirmed locating of the new moon, either in Saudi Arabia or locally. The new moon might be located before or later in particular areas. Consequently, numerous Muslims in various groups, for instance on the east and west shores of the USA and Canada, may start the celebration on various dates.


The celebration of the day falls on the primary day of Shawwal, the month which takes after Ramadan in the Islamic logbook. Muslim peoples go to public supplications and listen to a khutba or sermon on the primary day of the month of Shawwal. These supplications are held outside or in substantial venues, for example, sports enclosures, in some spots. Numerous Muslims may set out far to take an interest in these exercises. A few groups compose diverse celebrations, for example, common suppers or occasions for kids, on this day.

The giving of a unique philanthropy for this event is compulsory. Muslims dress in occasion clothing, go to an uncommon group petition in the morning, and visit companions and relatives and greet each other with “‘Eid mubarak wishes”. In some spots, youngsters are given endowments or cash by their folks and relatives.